Our belief

• Africa is a beautiful and Special Continent. It is time that the peoples of Africa, in all corners of the world, unite at the defense of our Wealthy Continent, Mother Africa.
• The injustices suffered by African immigrants during xenophobic attacks harm those who follow. The effects of the violence, brutality and injustices are therefore still felt by many Africans who arrive in other African countries.
• We cannot undo the past, but as a continent we have a duty to redress any disadvantages caused by our past, so that all Africans may make equal use of their opportunities;
• A prosperous future for Africa can only be assured when Africans who resides in Africa receives a quality education, Health Services and fair treatment.
• When All Africans truly enjoy the Freedom of Movement within the Continent. Proper channels to trade and access to Human rights and fair opportunities to employment.
• AFRIDU is uniquely founded in faith in the People of African Continent. Through our individual and collective efforts, and enabled by a capable state, the Africans resident in Africa hold the power to make our continenta shining beacon for the world;
• We stand with the hardworking, freedom-loving people of our continent who want to live and raise their families in safe communities, support each other, work hard, play by the rules, reap the rewards for their efforts and build African countries where all Africans, regardless of our backgrounds, make progress together;
• Strong people and strong social structures such as families, in all their different manifestations, flourish in strong communities. We have a duty to do everything in our power to strengthen and support the building of durable social structures that promote cooperation in our communities, for history has shown that when Africans work together, we are unstoppable.
• Families, however uniquely structured, help build successful individuals and provide them a foundation with which to make sense of the world and to realize their full potential as individuals.
• The African people must therefore have the maximum amount of individual freedom consistent with law and order. This includes the freedom to earn a living and accumulate wealth in the way of our choosing, live where we want, love who we want, say what we believe, develop our talents and pursue our dreams;
• A fair society is one in which our achievements are determined by our own choices and hard work, not by the circumstances and location of our birth;
• Integral to a fair society are the requirements that opportunity is plentiful and not concentrated in the hands of the few, that everyone has the means to make use of their opportunities, that the strong do not exploit the weak, that we are free from unfair discrimination.
• For Africa to be fair, justice must be applied to all in a consistent, fair and impartial manner; arming at all costs to fight the Scourge of Corruption that is threatening to engulf us all.
• A society cannot be fair if there is existence of large-scale inequality. A fair society requires a growing economy and access to opportunities for all who live in Africa.
• Africa is a richly diverse society. Though our people come from different origins, worship in different ways and have different cultures and customs, we are all unique individuals with a sacred right to humanity;
• Diversity is one of Africa’s greatest assets. The different Cultures and the diverse Universal command in Language. AFRIDU celebrates diversity, and recognizes the right of each individual to be who they want to be, free from domination and brutalization by others.
• Governments must always stand ready to help those who need it, but its primary function is to empower the African people to make use of their freedoms, so that they may progress in their own lives;
• Central to empowering African Diasporas, is ensuring that they are free from the deprivations that rob them of their ability to use their opportunities.

Our Duties:

To promote the unity and solidarity of African States;
To coordinate and intensify their cooperation and efforts to achieve a better life for the peoples of Africa;
To defend their sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence;
To eradicate all forms of Victimization, segregation and brutalization; and
To promote international cooperation through respect and recognition of Africans as a free and independent people with rights of existence and respect for their fundamental human rights through the following


*The African Diaspora Union is grounded on the defense, promotion and extension of the following principles:
*The fundamental rights and freedoms of every person -including the right to freedom of conscience, speech, association, and movement;
*The rejection of unfair discrimination on any grounds and the redress of past discrimination, without recourse to rigid formulae or quotas;
*The supremacy of Justice and the rule of law;
*The language, cultural and religious rights of individuals and the communities they create through free association;
*Equality before the law;
*A judiciary, justice system and prosecuting authority that is independent;
*Representative and accountable government elected on the basis of universal adult suffrage;
*Access to education and training.
*Respect for the right of a vibrant civil society and a free media to function independently;
*the rejection of violence and intimidation as a political and Power instrument;
*the right of all people to private ownership and to participate freely in the market economy;
*the right of Africans to protection by the states from crime and violence, even from it selves.


The Organization will promote its growth in all diaspora communities with the intention of realizing its vision and advancing its principles.
The programme of action must include provisions aiming at, but not be limited to, the following:
Serving the needs of the people of the African Diaspora through the structures and resources of the Organization;
Being an effective vehicle to drive inclusion between the African Diaspora Communities, the Host countries, and the International Communities at large.